Meet The New Harley-Davidson FXDR 114

18th Sep 2018


Built around the companies high-performing softail chassis, the Harley Davidson FXDR 114 is a power cruiser that takes drag racing performance and incorporates it into a stylish body that borrows elements from a jet fighter. That's quite the recipe. Visit Your Local Harley-Davidson Retailer and discover where the FXDR 114 could take you.



There's no shortage of performance with the new FXDR 114. Power comes courtesy of Harley Davidson's largest Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, producing a very healthy 90 bhp. However, thanks to the 10.0:1 compression ratio that is achieved by a four-valve cylinder head design and advanced oil cooling, the FXDR 114 produces 119 lb-ft torque from low-down in the rev-range.

If you're expecting the distinctive grumble that is associated with Harley-Davidson, then you won't be disappointed with this model thanks to the 2-1-2 performance exhaust that comes as standard. A 6-Speed Cruise Drive gearbox is mated to the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, making for easy and effortless progress on both short and long-distance journeys.


Weight reduction has played a massive part in the development of the FXDR 114, a brand-new aluminium swingarm features alongside lightweight aluminium wheels; both help with agility, acceleration and handling. The front and rear mudguards are made from carbon fibre to further reduce excess weight.

The adjustable monoshock rear suspension has been positioned and designed to provide enhanced responses to steering inputs. The dual 300mm front disc brakes are mated to dual-piston callipers, ensuring you are never left short on braking performance. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) comes as standard for enhanced safety.


Harley-Davidson have always designed their bikes to stand out from the crowd, and the FXDR 114 is no different. A massive air intake at the front sucks in huge quantities of air, while the dual-exit exhaust really looks the part. The engine is finished in matte black, providing a stealthy and aggressive appearance. A race-inspired chin is designed to direct cool air into the oil cooler, while the LED Daymaker setup combines with the minimalistic cowling to provide a purposeful and modern looking front-end.
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