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Mercedes A45 AMG

Mercedes A45 AMG, Used Mercedes A-Class

The A45 AMG epitomises everything AMG. It's the most powerful production hatchback ever built, and yet it can still be used on the daily commute or around town. Despite being lowered somewhat, it utilises the same MacPherson strut suspension as the standard A-Class, meaning to some degree it still acts as a relatively comfortable hatchback when driving on the roads.

With 360bhp at your disposal, the Mercedes-Benz A45 has the most powerful four-cylinder engine in production. To keep all that power on the tarmac, the A45 comes with a 4MATIC four-wheel drive system as standard. It not only means there's no wheel-spin or traction loss, but keeps the car secure and steady even at higher speeds.

This engine, as you might expect, also means it's incredibly fast. 0-60mph can be reached in a mere 4.6 seconds thanks to a smooth twin-clutch transmission. Despite all this power, it still manages 40.9mpg on the combined cycle and just 161g/km of CO2 - meaning it's actually fairly economical compared to other cars with similar performance.

Being an A-Class at heart, there's still an impressive 340 litres of boot space (which can be extended to 1,157 litres with seats folded), and plenty of room in the rear for 3 adults. Practicality and comfort aside, take a used Mercedes Benz A-Class to the track and you can experience the full might of the A45 AMG.

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Mercedes E63 AMG

Mercedes E63 AMG, Mercedes E CLass

The E63 AMG is a deceptive car in many ways. Visual additions to the E63 are relatively minor for a performance-based super saloon. It's only really the more aggressive grille, lower ride height and an AMG badge at the rear which lets slip that this car actually puts 557bhp to the road.

It's this this subtlety to the AMG E-class which makes it so special. A majority of the time, it can act as a relatively tame motorway cruiser. The typically comfortable Mercedes suspension is present, and the cabin is spacious, backed up with a reassuring build quality which makes a used E-Class such a great buy.

This is enhanced with a number of suspension settings on offer. 'Comfort' mode leaves the AMG relaxed as possible, whilst changing the settings to 'Sport Plus' firms up the suspension and reduces body roll.

The E63 does offer some startling acceleration figures, including a 4.2 second 0-60 time and a torque figure of 720Nm - and when using these to their full extent then the E-Class comes into its own as a performance saloon. Supercar-rivalling figures they are, but the E-Class also has a boot space of 540 litres. The estate edition has an even larger boot of 695 litres. Is there anything this car couldn't do?

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Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes ML63 AMG, Used Mercedes ML63, Mercedes M-Class

As long as there has been Mercedes-Benz there has been a unique blend of practical and comfort. The G-Class shuns the pretty curves of the modern SUV, more commonly found on the school run than halfway up a mountain The Mercedes-Benz G-Class offers rugged, classic styling. More Daniel Craig than Pierce Brosnan, it offers brute force, reliability and great off-road handling.

But don’t be fooled. Though it’s exterior has changed little in the last four decades, the seven-speed automatic gearbox, subtle 19” inch black alloys and Parking-assistance PARKTRONIC sensors make this unique SUV a joy to drive, whether in Cumbria or Suburbia.

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Mercedes SL63

Mercedes Benz SL, Mercedes Benz SL63, Used Mercedes SL

The SL63 is, again, vastly different from any other AMG vehicle. In the shell of the already competent Mercedes SL, AMG have crafted what could be coined the definitive open-top roadster. The V8 engine roars contently, whilst it car is reassured and planted in the corners - making it the ideal top down cruiser.

The most noticeable statistic is the incredible 900Nm of torque which is available, meaning that you can reach 60mph in just 4.2 seconds. Other figures include a power output of up to 585bhp (depending on model) - giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 314bhp per tonne.

It's easy to think that because of this sheer performance that the ride is unsettled, with harsh suspension which is only suited to the motorway. However, the SL63 is remarkably comfortable, similar to the rest of the Mercedes SL range. Not to mention, the SL63 is an incredibly handsome car, and a guaranteed head-turner from here to St.Tropez.

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Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

Used Mercedes CLA, Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

The only coupe on our list, the CLA45 AMG has a lot to live up to. Coupe vehicles are renowned for their driving dynamics and a fun factor that puts a big smile on your face. Luckily, the sister car to the A45 AMG achieves this in spades.

Mercedes have employed several technologies to achieve this, including a dual-clutch transmission for instantaneous gear changing. This works smoothly in conjunction with either the paddle transmission or in fully automatic mode. Similar to the A45, it also makes use of the 4MATIC four-wheel drive system to make sure you stay planted on the road.

It's interesting to note that all AMG cars are subject to a 'One man, one engine' philosophy. Exactly what it says on the tin - each AMG engine is presided over by a single AMG Master Engine Builder from start to finish.

Some may consider it a gimmick, but Mercedes are confident that it adds to the character of the engine - and the 2.0 litre unit in the CLA45 certainly has plenty of character. Similar to the standard Mercedes CLA range, the AMG has a 470-litre storage capacity and a spacious interior to boot, meaning there's no compromise on practicality. 

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