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First, we need to address the rather large elephant in the room. The Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 is headed straight towards the stratosphere with a near £50,000 rise in value! Utterly outrageous when you see Mike bought his example for £3,750. This was only 10 years ago too, which isn't a long time on the grand scheme of things.

We went and had a little cry to ourselves when we found out Mike bought an '87 944 Turbo and an '86 Audi Quattro for the combined total of £6,600. That same total these days? That'll be around £35,500 please.

We can't quite fathom why the humble Beetle hasn't hit sky high prices. They are a popular cult car with a huge following. And that's without mentioning the endless appearances as Herbie the Love Bug. Decent examples are still around for reasonable money, it's really quite tempting!

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