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A Jensen Interceptor AND a Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth in the space of two episodes, bit saucy don't you think, Mike? Nine years ago you could buy an Interceptor (coolest car name ever?) for the measly sum of £5,000. Nowadays, people's thirst for the Jensen equals the car's immense thirst for petrol, therefore expect to pay nearly six times the amount Mike paid for a decent example.

The 1968 Volvo 1800S is certainly a stunning car in its own right, and prices have risen accordingly during the classic car "boom". Think you can get one for £5,000 these days? Think again. Although, at least the £18,500 for a similar example will be capable of hitting three million miles as one car accomplished a few years ago.

The Triumph Stag seems a steady performer if you're a fan of peak British Leyland. Just don't expect a running one for £3,400.

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