Introducing the Lightweight E-type

Welcome to a very special website, dedicated to a very special car.

E-Type steering wheel.

In late 2014, Jaguar announced that it was going to complete the production run of a truly iconic car - the Lightweight E-type. When the Lightweight E-type was originally conceived as an aluminium-bodied race car in 1963, Jaguar planned to build a total of 18 examples. However, only 12 were completed.

When Jaguar found the 'missing six' chassis numbers and announced it was going to complete the run - hand-building the cars with original 1960s toolings and production methods, and period-exact dimensions and specifications for every detail - demand for the cars was always going to be high. Well, we can now proudly announce that Stratstone has acquired one of those cars.

As the third of the re-born run of cars, Lightweight E-type No. 15 has a special story. Over the course of the next 12 months, we'll be telling that tale - from the heritage of the original E-type and the racing Lightweights in the 1960s, to why Jaguar decided to resume production of the 'missing six' in 2014, and how they recreated a car that was every bit as hand-crafted and loyal in every detail to the original.

We'll also be logging the ongoing exploits of Lightweight E-type No. 15 - for this is not a car that is destined to sit static like a museum exhibit, lying beneath a dust-sheet, only to be admired on rare occasions. Both the original Lightweight E-types, and the modern 'missing six' are cars that were designed to be raced, and we'll be living up to that heritage. You can fully expect to see the car out and about around the UK and Europe in the months to come.

So, keep checking back to find out what Lightweight E-type No. 15 has been up to as we add to its historic legacy.