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Introducing the Mercedes-Benz CLA Plug-in Hybrid

EQ Power has been introduced to both the CLA Coupé and CLA Shooting Brake. The plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models, CLA 250 e Coupé and CLA 250 e Shooting Brake, combine a petrol engine with an electric motor to provide maximum efficiency and offer an all-electric mode for emission-free driving.

Running costs are lower with the PHEV variants of the CLA as well as maintenance costs, plus you will no longer need to make frequent visits to fuel stations.

No matter whether you choose the Coupé or Shooting Brake, you have the choice between two specifications with plenty of desirable key features such as keyless entry, ambient lighting and MBUX augmented reality for navigation.

Range and Performance

Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé PHEV Charging

Full-electric mode can be maintained for up to 44 miles in the CLA Plug-in Hybrid, which is further than the average daily commute for a UK worker.

Whilst driving in all-electric mode zero tailpipe emissions will be produced, allowing drivers of the CLA Plug-in Hybrid models to enter low emission zones.

A combination of a powerful, yet efficient, 1.3-litre petrol engine and an electric motor enables the CLA 250 e Coupé and Shooting Brake to deliver a total power output of 215bhp. On top of this figure, fuel consumption is also impressive with up to 256mpg achievable

Both PHEV models utilise an 8G-DCT 8-speed automatic transmission.


Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake PHEV Charging

Once the CLA Plug-in Hybrid is ready to be re-charged there is no need to panic, as it is a simple task and can be done from the comfort of your home.

You can simply charge the vehicle using a domestic plug socket to achieve a full charge, from 10 percent capacity, in just 5.5 hours.

Using a dedicated 7kW bp pulse home charger is even quicker and more convenient as this can charge the CLA PHEV models, from 10 percent to full, up to three times faster than a three-pin household socket, taking under four hours.

Alternatively, there are numerous public charging stations located around the UK so you can re-charge whilst on the move.

Enquire about the Mercedes-Benz CLA Plug-in Hybrid

Enhancing power and efficiency, EQ Power has been added into the recipe of the stylish Mercedes-Benz CLA models.

Equally sleek as the petrol and diesel powered CLA Coupé and Shooting Brake, the plug-in hybrid models just add cost-saving benefits on top of all the original Mercedes-Benz perks.

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