Top 10: Best Used Hybrid Executive Cars

16th Mar 2022

By Edward Cook

Serving Multiple Purposes

A go-to choice for the commute to work, executive cars have proven popular thanks to their often-efficient powertrains, imposing style and great all-round capabilities. These characteristics also allow executive cars to be a great choice for various purposes, offering enough room for the family and a comfortable ride for longer road trips.

With mild (MHEV), plug-in (PHEV), and full hybrid (HEV) powertrains becoming more popular in recent times, a wide variety of excellent used hybrid executive cars are now available. Offering cleaner means of driving than their petrol and diesel counterparts, hybrid executive cars can save you money when it comes to refuelling.

We have selected some of our favourite best used hybrid executive cars to help you in your search for your next vehicle.

BMW 3 Series

Grey BMW 3 Series Exterior Front Driving

When you think of executive cars, the first brand to come to mind will probably be BMW. The German outfit has become well-known for its brilliant quality, advanced technology and sophisticated design, so it comes as no surprise to see their best-selling model, the 3 Series, on this list.

An impressive PHEV powetrain (called the 330e) has been implemented to offer fuel economy figures of approximately 200mpg and an all-electric driving range of up to 36 miles when the batteries are fully charged. Its soul remains too, thanks to a 0 to 62mph time of 5.8 seconds, allowing you to enjoy the typical 3 Series driving dynamics to their fullest.

As you would expect, technology is abundant. The 3 Series comes with a digital cockpit, an 8.8-inch infotainment system and a reversing camera with sensors as standard, but higher specifications receive heated seats and a larger infotainment screen.

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Skoda Superb iV

Silver Skoda Superb iV Exterior Front Driving

Skoda is a brand that have been bringing the game to prestigious brands for quite some time. However, one major advantage of the Czech brand is that it offers a variety of features at a lower price than rivals, allowing the Skoda Superb iV to be no less than what its name suggests.

Another intelligent PHEV system, the iV powertrain offers fuel economy figures of up to 188mpg and allows drivers to travel up to 39 miles using electric power alone. Charging is fairly insignificant too – a full charge takes just five hours when using a 3-pin domestic plug.

Skoda supplied the Superb with a range of technology including multiple driving modes, a virtual cockpit with wireless smartphone connectivity and a range of safety equipment.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Grey Mercedes-Benz E-Class Exterior Front Static

Mercedes-Benz produce highly sought after vehicles that offer a premium build quality and driving experience. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class prioritises comfort and refinement, with the added benefit of being available in various bodystyles.

Unlike rivals, the PHEV system in the E-Class is available in both petrol PHEV (E 300 e) and diesel PHEV (E 300 de) forms. The petrol PHEV offers fuel economy figures of up to 176mpg, whilst the diesel PHEV option can achieve up to 235mpg. Both have an all-electric driving range of over 30 miles.

Standard features include a striking interior design constructed from high-quality, soft-touch materials as well as a multitude of technology such as heated front seats and ambient lighting to enhance overall elegance and comfort.

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Ford Mondeo

White Ford Mondeo Exterior Front Driving

Ford may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking of quality executive cars, but the Mondeo does the American brand proud. Available in both saloon and estate bodystyles, there is a Mondeo variant to suit most lifestyles.

Making the most of a HEV powertrain and a regenerative braking system to increase efficiency, the Mondeo can achieve an average of 67mpg, allowing you to relax and enjoy the comfortable ride without worrying about refuelling costs. It is also capable of travelling short distances on battery power alone.

Coming at a lower cost than most on this list, you may assume that the Mondeo comes with a lot less, but this is not the case. 'Titanium' models receive features such as satellite navigation, leather upholstery with heated front seats and cruise control as standard - perfect for the daily commute.

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BMW 5 Series

Grey BMW 5 Series Exterior Front Driving

Bigger brother to the aforementioned 3 Series, the BMW 5 Series is a large hybrid executive car that offers a range of benefits to make it an attractive proposition on the used market. Coming with the typical BMW kerb appeal, the 5 Series is available as a sleek saloon as well as a more practical Touring (estate) bodystyle.

Using BMW's cutting edge PHEV system, the 5 Series comes with a choice of two powertrains; the 530e and 545e. Each model offers fuel consumption levels within the range of 140mpg and 200mpg, as well as up to 37 miles of all-electric driving capabilities. If you are an adventurous individual, BMW's renowned xDrive all-wheel drive system is also available.

The utilisation of real time traffic information and 'route-ahead assistant' allows the 5 Series to provide anticipatory tips such as when to brake, maximising economy.

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Volvo S90

Blue Volvo S90 Exterior Rear Driving

Swedish manufacturer Volvo has developed a strong reputation as a producer of reliable, luxurious cars that are ideal for day-to-day life. The S90, which is the flagship of the Volvo brand, is a sleek executive car that threatens more common German rivals with great aplomb.

The 299bhp T8 Recharge PHEV powertrain means the S90 achieves up to 166mpg and an all-electric driving range of over 30 miles when the batteries are fully charged. If you would like something a little more straight-forward, there are also MHEV variants available which offer fuel economy figures of around 48mpg.

500 litres of boot space is more than enough for daily duties, as well as longer trips away with space for luggage. Available technology includes heated front seats and a large centre-mounted infotainment screen, as well as safety equipment such as a 360-degree parking camera and lane keeping aid.

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Black Mercedes-Benz C-Class Exterior Front Driving

Liked the look of the E-Class mentioned above, but want something a little smaller? The Mercedes-Benz C-Class may be ideal. Smaller in size, but not in character, the C-Class offers a comfortable ride and a build quality of the highest standards.

There is a variety of hybrid powertrains on offer with the fourth-generation C-Class (produced between 2014 and 2021), but the most common is the 350e; a PHEV that offers fuel economy figures of up to 134mpg and an all-electric driving range of up to 19 miles. There is also the 300 Bluetec HEV and EQ Boost MHEV available.

The most practical is the estate, which offers 490 litres of boot space; 10 percent more than the saloon. A sleek exterior design and a plethora of advanced technology are just a couple of other reasons as to why the C-Class is a popular choice.

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Volkswagen Arteon

Blue Volkswagen Arteon Exterior Front Static

Unveiled in 2017, the sharp Volkswagen Arteon is an alternative executive car that comes in two bodystyles; a liftback (hatchback) and a shooting brake (estate). And in 2020, a PHEV powertrain was added to the line-up, titled the eHybrid.

eHybrid models achieve up to 256mpg whilst still maintaining decent performance and an engaging driving experience. They also possess the capability to travel up to 38 miles on electric power alone, allowing most to complete the daily commute without using any fuel.

The Volkswagen design language is transparently clear in the cabin too, which is built to a high degree of class using fine yet durable materials. Standard equipment includes adaptive cruise control and LED exterior lighting on all models, but opting for a higher specification unlocks features such as heated front seats and a powered tailgate.

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Audi A6

White Audi A6 Exterior Front Static

Much like their other German competitors, Audi are well-known for producing top-quality vehicles that come with a range of benefits. The Audi A6 is a premium executive car that is most suited to those who spend a lot of time on the motorway thanks to its fantastic cruising abilities.

50 e and 55 e PHEV models offer the best fuel economy figures within the A6 range, achieving up to 256mpg with the batteries fully charged. 40 miles of all-electric range ensures the A6 is comfortable completing shorter journeys with maximum efficiency too. Charging can be complete in as little as 2 hours when using 22kW public charging stations.

Audi interiors are typically elegant and robust, designed to withstand the knocks of daily life whilst still being highly refined. Even entry-level models come well-equipped with two touchscreen displays, heated front seats and a rear reversing camera.

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Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera Trio

Rounding off this list is arguably the most luxury of them all; the Porsche Panamera. The E-Hybrid system returns fuel economy figures of up to 128mpg which is impressive for a car that produces up to 608bhp and a 0 to 62mph of as little as 3.1 seconds.

Available in both saloon and Sport Turismo (estate) bodystyles, the Panamera offers plenty in the department of practicality. Up to 520 litres of boot space is enough for daily duties and a few bags of luggage for weekend getaways, but those looking for maximum interior space will like the 'Executive' models thanks to a longer wheelbase.

As you would expect with a Porsche, the Panamera comes equipped with a variety of advanced technology and a superb interior. The premium GTS and Turbo S come with the most exclusive equipment list, but all Panamera models are beautifully-refined and abundant in technology.

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Thanks to the ongoing development of powertrain technology, there is now a wide variety of excellent hybrid executive cars available on the used market that are ideal for various lifestyles.

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