Luxury Used Cars with Low Insurance Premiums

03rd Sep 2021

Getting Insured

We have all spent endless hours tirelessly scrolling through the internet trying to find the perfect solution and just as you think you have found it, a comparison website strikes down your dreams with expensive insurance premiums that can sometimes come with luxury cars.

Insurance premiums are calculated by considering a number of variables such as the vehicle's value, performance and security. It is then placed in an insurance group ranging from 1 being the lowest, to 50 being the highest, with this number indicating how much you can expect to pay.

But paying a high price to insure a luxury vehicle does not always have to be the case. There are plenty of excellent used luxury cars on the market that possess a low insurance group, making car ownership less intimidating. Here at Stratstone we have selected our favourite luxury used cars with low insurance premiums to help you find that dream of yours.

BMW 2 Series

BMW 2 Series White Driving

The words 'premium' and 'BMW' go hand in hand and the German manufacturer are often the first port of call for many that are on the hunt for a luxury car. The 2 Series is a subcompact executive car that combines stylish looks, an engaging drive and a high-quality feel.

Whilst the powerful M division cars, such as the M2 CS, top the charts when it comes to insurance, lower powered examples' insurance groups are surprisingly low. We think that anything underneath the half-way mark of insurance group 25 is reasonable and all 218 variants (i for petrol and d for diesel) of the 2 series reside below this figure.

You are not sacrificing fun if you opt for a 218 model either. They still provide respectable performance figures, being able to go from 0 to 62mph in less than 9.0 seconds.

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Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes-Benz CLA Driving

If it is not BMW that comes to mind when thinking of luxury cars, it is quite likely that you are thinking of their German rivals, Mercedes-Benz. The CLA is another subcompact executive car, based off of the same platform as its smaller A-Class and B-Class siblings.

But unlike the 2 Series, the CLA-Class comes with a couple of bodystyles to choose from. The stylish 4-door coupé is more common, but the shooting brake station wagon configuration is slightly more practical, if you need the extra space. Excellent examples of both can be found within the used car market.

Various CLA 180 or 200 specifications fall underneath the limit of insurance group 25 which still possess enough power to enjoy on a daily basis. Along with this, you will still receive the distinctive Mercedes-Benz interior that is crafted to the highest of standards.

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Lexus CT

Lexus CT Static

Not one that initially springs to mind, the Japanese manufacturer have been subtly bringing top-quality luxury cars to the market since 1990 and luckily, plenty of used examples can be found. The CT is our pick from the Lexus range as its maximum insurance group is 21, which is well below the limit of 25.

Another advantage of the CT is that it uses Lexus' intelligent hybrid technology and has been doing so for a decade. There is good reason, too. The CT has gone on to be crowned as the United Kingdom's most reliable used car according to owner reliability surveys.

But hybrid technology does not make a car luxurious on its own. Other elements such as the CT's comfortable interior and extensive list of available gadgets help to cement this Japanese entry well within the luxury car market.

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Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen Arteon Driving

Looking for something slightly larger than the previous choices? Want something different to the go-to BMWs and Mercedes-Benz'? Look no further than the Volkswagen Arteon. Brought to market in 2017, the Arteon is a sleek 5-door luxury executive car that comes packed with technology allowing it to take on competitors such as the popular BMW 4 Series.

What Volkswagen have managed to do though is keep a variety of Arteon models under the threshold of insurance group 25. Performance is decent, with the lowest-powered variants completing the 0 to 62mph sprint in sub 9 seconds.

But the category of comfort is where the Arteon excels, dealing with undulations and cracks in the road with relative ease, giving you a proper luxury car feel.

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MINI Hatchback

MINI Hatchback Cooper Driving

The MINI brand had a bit of a makeover when the BMW group took over in the 1990s and since then modern MINI owners have been reaping the rewards of BMW's knowledge of luxury automobiles.

Character is unmatched when it comes to MINI Hatchbacks thanks to a number of funky styling and colour scheme variations, along with different optional packs that provide further benefits such as more advanced technology. The good news is that there are plenty of used examples with these optional extras ready to hit the open road.

Most MINIs fall under the maximum insurance group of 25 and out of those you have a choice of diesel or petrol if you are opting for the conventional hatchback. The MINI Electric and MINI Convertible models also have multiple specifications that reside underneath the insurance group limit.

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Audi A3 Cabriolet

Audi A3 Cabriolet Static

Imagine a beautiful summer's evening, an engaging British B-road and the wind blowing through your hair. Perfect, right? Unfortunately, this experience is often limited to a lucky few as convertible cars usually reside within higher insurance groups.

We have found a convertible that goes against this norm and it is no less than the popular Audi A3 Cabriolet. Another German brand that is well-known for providing luxury goods, Audi offer a comfortable interior, chic looks and useful technology across the A3 range.

Starting at group 18, there are a number of used examples that offer affordable insurance premiums. These include both petrol and diesel engines, giving you the choice dependent upon personal preferences and needs. If you do not fancy being exposed to the elements, hatchback and saloon bodystyles are also available.

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Jaguar E-PACE

Jaguar E-PACE Static

Jaguar are a historic British brand and have released some iconic cars in their time, such as the exquisite E-type of the 1960s. Nowadays, Jaguar are still producing a range of vehicles that offer fashionable looks and luxurious experiences, including the contemporary E-PACE.

With their first attempt at a compact SUV, Jaguar offer their usual characteristics of sleek aesthetics and a high build quality, but just on a larger scale. Although only a couple of entry-level specifications fall underneath the threshold of insurance group 25, we felt the opportunity to mention a used luxury SUV at an affordable insurance premium was too good to miss.

These specifications still come with a range of technology and features as standard, including heated leather seats, cruise control and lane assist which ensure you still receive the luxurious experience you were expecting.

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Ford Focus Vignale

Ford Focus Vignale Driving

Luxury probably is not the first word that springs to mind when thinking of the American manufacturer, Ford. But they clearly thought they had something to offer the premium market when the Vignale division re-emerged in 2013 on the Ford Mondeo.

Since then, the Vignale name has been used on various Ford models including the Ford Focus Vignale. As a popular Focus given an expensive makeover, this specification comes laden with leather and useful bits of technology that provide a comfortable, luxury feel. The distinctive Vignale styling also sets this version out from the standard Focus' you see out on the road.

The maximum insurance group is 20 and the efficient engines that can be found on used examples reduce running costs even further, making this one of the most affordable luxury cars there is.

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Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40 Static

Sweden. A land better known for happy people and flat-pack furniture rather than premium automobiles. But post-2010, the Swedish brand of Volvo have been making moves in the luxury market whilst maintaining the positive reliability characteristic that they have crafted for themselves.

The XC40 is a compact SUV and is a superb alternative to the popular German brands or the aforementioned Jaguar E-PACE. Featuring striking aesthetics, a comfortable cabin and a wide list of available technology, Volvo have built a car that offers a refined experience whether travelling alone or with your family.

There are multiple specifications that possess insurance groups lower than the limit of 25, including the sporty R-Line setup and the top of the range Inscription Pro. These configurations unlock further comfort features and technology, providing you with, in Volvo's words, 'absolute luxury'.

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Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb Driving

Another contender that does not initially spring to mind when thinking of luxury vehicles is the Skoda Superb, but this does not mean it cannot fight its corner. A main strength of Skoda's offering is its value for money. You could get a high specification used Skoda Superb for a significant amount less than you can get an entry level example from the go-to premium brands.

But the difference in price does not mean a gulf in quality, the Superb still comes loaded with technology such as adaptive cruise control, Smartlink+ phone connectivity and parking sensors. It is also more spacious inside than its competitors, offering more boot space for luggage and a more open cabin, proving a more comfortable feel, especially when doubled with the leather seats you can find on many used examples.

A variety of models can be obtained that reside underneath the ceiling of insurance group 25, cementing the Skoda Superb's place on this list.

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