Luxury Used Cars with Low Insurance Premiums

05th Dec 2019


Insurance. It's that product we buy, which we have no clue as to how good it is, until we actually have to use it. And let's face it, we all appreciate a low insurance premium. Talking of premium, are there any premium cars out there which fall under a low insurance group? We thought we'd investigate, and came up with these cars, some of which are quite surprising.

For reference, insurance groups now run from 1 (the least expensive) to 50 (the most expensive).

BMW 2 Series (218i M Sport)

Think of premium car brands and chances are, you'll probably think of BMW. Having developed a reputation for premium luxury vehicles, along with iconic performance cars, affordable insurance is perhaps the last thing you'll associate with the BMW brand.

However, did you know you can get the sleek and stylish BMW 2 Series Coupe (218i M Sport) and take advantage of a somewhat low insurance group? In the 1-50 scale we think that insurance group 20 and below is pretty reasonable, and the handsome 2 Series Coupe comes in right on the money at insurance group 20.

Other BMW 2 Series models (Gran Tourer) start at group 10, whilst the range-topping BMW M2 is a hefty group 47. 

Image for illustration only

BMW 2 Series

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (CLA 180bhp AMG Sport 4d Tip Auto)

Just like BMW, Mercedes-Benz is a brand associated with premium and luxury vehicles. The three-pointed star is a sought-after badge to have on your car, but just like the BMW 2 Series mentioned previous, you can get a sleek model from their range, again with the group 20 insurance group ranking.

And this isn't just an entry-level A-Class, although you can get an A-Class with a lower insurance group (17), but we thought we would show you the more exclusive, and sleeker looking CLA.

With 180bhp, the CLA AMG Sport will be plenty quick enough for the everyday, along with looking more interesting than its A-Class sibling. Other CLA models can rise up to group 47. 

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Smart Forfour (Pure)

Insurance group 1, is it possible? It is with the Smart Forfour Pure. With 70bhp, the humble yet unique looking Smart is plenty fast enough round town and sips fuel, returning 54mpg from its 1.0-litre petrol engine.

You'll get over 400 miles to a tank of fuel, and have 4 seats available, with 185 litres of boot space, which for a compact Smart car isn't bad at all.

It could be argued that the Smart isn't very premium, but with Smart being owned by Mercedes-Benz, you do receive a good degree of quality materials, along with individuality and uniqueness. And with insurance costing next to nothing as the car is in group 1, there is lots to like. Smart range from 1-30. 

Audi A3 Cabriolet (1.6 TDI S Line)

Cabriolets, convertibles, soft-tops - whatever you call them, they have a tendency to be pricey when it comes to insuring them. Why, because they when you remove the roof, the car is not as rigid, and fabric roofs had a habit of being broken into once upon a time.

Audi is at the forefront of German car luxury, along with its two main competitors - BMW and Mercedes-Benz, yet here we are informing you of another low insurance group car, and it's an Audi Cabriolet no less.

It's the A3 too, meaning it's quite a good one, and certainly not entry-level. A3 insurance groups range from 14-46 and comes with the text book Audi quality feel. 
Audi A3 Cabriolet

MINI One Classic

No matter which MINI you opt for, you're sure of a few things. Brilliant go-kart like handling, funky styling, and a car that will put a smile on your face every time you go for a drive. 

Okay, this is the entry-level MINI hatch, but you still get the Comfort and Navigation pack - so you do get some sought-after options to make use of and enjoy. 

Plus, the One Classic is a reasonable group 13, meaning insurance won't be a problem. To put this into perspective, other MINI models can be as high as insurance group 40. 


And there you have it, a selection of premium cars that you may not have thought had a low insurance group. As they say, every day is a school day.

We would also advise that you always do your research and get insurance quotes before buying any vehicle. This is because other factors come into account when calculating insurance premiums such as, age, location, where the car is kept, mileage, modifications, named drivers, the list goes on.