Land Rover vs Range Rover

05th Dec 2023

By Kenny Longdon

Land Rover vs Range Rover

It is easy to think of Land Rover and Range Rover as two separate manufacturers, some perhaps do, but Range Rover is actually a model in the Land Rover range.

Go onto the Land Rover website at the time of writing, and you can select between Range Rover, Defender or Discovery. These then have sub models within them too.

To put it simply, regular Land Rover models such as the Discovery and Defender are more utilitarian, or at least have been in previous generations, whilst Range Rover models are seen as more refined and luxurious.

But in the ever-changing automotive world, even the Discovery and Defender have become more luxurious.

Introduction and Design

Range Rover

It was 1948 when the boxy Land Rover Series 1 was introduced, a shape so iconic it is perhaps the epitome of the Land Rover brand. It was not until 1970 until it was joined by the Range Rover, a more luxurious off-road vehicle.

Whilst the Series 1 was properly utilitarian, the Range Rover was all about luxury and class.

It was in 1983 when the now iconic Land Rover Defender also became available, with a similar boxy profile to that of the Series 1 from the late 1940s. This was a popular model and ran all the way to 2016.

The Discovery came along in 1989, almost acting as a sort of middle ground in the Land Rover range.

Today, as with ever-changing consumer demands, the Defender, Discovery and Range Rover (Range Rover Sport pictured) are still going strong, but each one has become far more premium and luxurious, as well as offering multiple versions.

Their design and principles have of course evolved, but their capabilities of being excellent off-road is still very much part of their DNA.


Land Rover Defenders

When looking at the latest versions, there is plenty of choice whether you are looking at a Discovery, Defender (Defender range pictured) or Range Rover model. These are listed below in price order.

  • Range Rover (Range-topping Land Rover model, all about luxury, excellent off-road)
  • Range Rover Sport (A more dynamic Range Rover, not as luxurious as the Range Rover, but more agile)
  • Defender 130 (The largest and most practical Defender with 5 doors up to 8 seats)
  • Defender 110 (The mid-range defender with 5 doors and 7 seats)
  • Discovery (Versatile, premium 7-seater with a commercial version also available)
  • Defender 90 (The entry-level Defender with 3 doors and 5 seats - a commercial version is also available)
  • Range Rover Velar (Bridges the gap between the entry-level Evoque and dynamic Range Rover Sport)
  • Discovery Sport (A more dynamic Discovery, not as luxurious)
  • Range Rover Evoque (Entry-level Range Rover, still excellent off-road)

The Range Rover is the range-topping model of the whole Land Rover range, closely followed by the Range Rover Sport and serve as the two highest priced vehicles in the range too.

Then comes the Defender 130 and Defender 110 in terms of price as standard.

Followed by the Discovery, Defender 90, Range Rover Velar and Discovery Sport, with the Range Rover Evoque being the most affordable as standard in the entire Land Rover range.

This shows how 'regular' Land Rover models, like the Defender and Discovery actually sit above Range Rover Velar and Evoque models.

Interior and Technology

Range Rover Interior

Take any Land Rover from the current range (Range Rover interior pictured), at the time of writing, and you will be treated to a digital instrument cluster, along with a striking central touchscreen which is also digital.

No matter which Land Rover you find yourself in, premium is well and truly the vibe which has not been the case in models gone by, with some iterations of the Defender feeling like they could be simply hosed down both in and out, after being the perfect workhorse for things like farming.

The Land Rover brand has certainly become more premium in recent times, but still stays true to ensuring each one of its models is superb off-road, along with being excellent on road too. The Defender may feel luxury when comparing it to its predecessor, but the interior in some models can be tailored to be more hard wearing, and easier to clean. The Defender Hard Top and Discovery Commercial are perfect examples of this.

The beauty with the models is that there is so much choice for tailoring your Land Rover to your lifestyle.


Land Rover Discovery

Life with any Land Rover will see decent levels of practicality, with some boasting incredible levels of practicality for all the family.

Each model has excellent versatility. The Defender 90 may seem like it has the smallest boot on offer, but lower the rear seats and you will have a van-like load space - there is even a commercial Defender Hard Top version that pretty much deletes the seats for this reason.

Range Rovers have seating for up to seven, whilst the most practical, at least when it comes to carrying passengers is the Defender 130 with seating for up to nine people including the driver. The Discovery (pictured) seats seven as standard. 

If it is luxury practicality you are after, the Range Rover offers limousine-like space for driver and passenger, with fine material choice throughout.

Value and Final Thoughts

Range Rover Front

Just like many car manufacturers, Land Rover offer a variety of models that have been enjoyed and sought-after generations for over sixty years.

The fact some Land Rovers now seem more premium than some Range Rover models shows how consumer buying habits have changed, and how models like the Defender have indeed become more premium, yet still offer models that hark back to their predecessors humble foundations, especially with the commercial versions.

If you want a premium vehicle that is also pretty much unbeatable off-road, Land Rover is still the textbook answer. And if you want a vehicle that feels ultra-luxurious on road, whilst still being able to deliver first class off-road capabilities, the iconic Range Rover (pictured) is still king.

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