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Introducing the Mercedes-AMG CLE

A brand-new entry into the performance coupé segment, the new Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupé promises textbook AMG dynamics, incredible presence, and the typical class and refinement you expect from Mercedes-Benz and AMG products.

This is Mercedes-AMG blending the foundations of the Mercedes-AMG C-Class, with the Mercedes-AMG E-Class for a truly special AMG product that looks to propel Mercedes-AMG into an exciting future.

With the '53' moniker usually reserved for the entry-level AMG models, this all-new AMG CLE is anything but entry-level and is just the start for this all-new high-performance Coupé.


CLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupé

Mercedes-AMG CLE Mercedes-AMG CLE Mercedes-AMG CLE Mercedes-AMG CLE
Mercedes-AMG CLE Mercedes-AMG CLE Mercedes-AMG CLE Mercedes-AMG CLE

Being a Mercedes-AMG, let us talk about power and performance, and with a 3.0-litre straight six sat under the bonnet, with mild hybrid technology, producing 443bhp, you need not worry. Unlike 4-cylinder models that have gone before, the CLE 53 sees a return to the much sought-after 6-cylinder engine, AMG models are famous for.

This ensures 0 to 62mph in just 4.2 seconds, whilst an optional AMG Driver's Pack raises the top speed from 155mph to 168mph.

And with 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive, you do not have to worry about unleashing all of the car's power, when the mood suits.

Wide flared front and rear fenders, a wider track and unique 20-inch alloy wheels help give the CLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupé a real sense of presence, performance and excitement; the all-important ingredients of any textbook Mercedes-AMG model.

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An all new model in the legendary Mercedes-AMG range, the CLE sees a return to the colossal 6-cylinder engines the brand is famous for. With breathtaking performance, cutting-edge technology and all the refinement and drama you expect from Mercedes-AMG, the CLE promises to be something special.

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