Road Test Review: Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG Line Premium Plus

Independent review by Maggie Barry

5-minute read

Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG Line Premium Plus

Road Test: Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG Line Premium Plus

Explore the key features of the Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG Line Premium Plus in our expert road test review

New Mercedes-Benz GLS


The Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG Line Premium Plus showcases all the best features and qualities of a luxurious, attractive and practical Mercedes SUV.


  • Versatile interior space
  • Plenty of safety features
  • High performing
  • Incredible off-roading
New Mercedes-Benz GLS


The Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV has become an incredibly popular Mercedes-Benz model as it is suitable for such a range of uses, thanks to its versatile and spacious interior.

With a variety of safety features and technological advances included in the AMG Line Premium Plus trim, no matter what conditions you find yourself in, the GLS will be a true top-level performer.

Engine and Performance

It drives smoothly and efficiently – and by that I mean you can almost treat it like a small, nippy car. Furthermore, it pushes forward when you want, and the four-wheel drive off-road system can come in incredibly handy too.

The off-road package offers downhill speed regulation, driving modes including off-road and off-road+, fully variable all-wheel drive and low range transmission and inter-axle locking.

Although it is a big car, there are so many helpful driver assistance packages onboard. It eases you through what I thought were some ridiculous situations like narrow parking spaces; it is not more difficult to park than a small city car due to all the aid onboard.

Design and Practicality

This is a big 7-seater; Mercedes-Benz’s largest and most luxurious SUV. It has a long wheelbase, offering even greater comfort, and a second and third row of adjustable seats. When the third row is lowered, it gives a boot space of 2,400 litres, making it perfect for when you have a huge amount of luggage with you.

While you can appreciate this as a family car, it is also the go-to car for when you want to have the best style on the road, as it is not only incredibly practical, but also features a sleek and attractive design.
Maggie Barry

Equipment and Technology

The GLS comes with a range of safety features and thanks to a Crosswind Assist function alongside trailer stabilisation, it has no trouble in a range of weather conditions.

This car also has a rear seat entertainment system, allowing passengers to stay occupied with movies if they wish. All the functions on the touchscreen dashboard can actually be controlled from the rear, but do not let the kids know this.


This is one of the most all-encompassing cars I have ever driven. It has something to tackle every situation and get you out of it.

Possibly not the best for city dwellers as it is quite a sizeable SUV, but for those outside the central belt facing climate conditions that are untoward, this is a great answer.

The AMG Line Premium Plus trim is also the perfect spec for this model if you are looking for punchier performance on the road.