Best Company Cars

14th Jul 2021

What is a good company car?

There are a number of attributes that a good company car has to have. Firstly, it has to be practical and comfortable enough for everyday use. Tax considerations are likely the next item on the agenda, with driving experience and image also important factors.


A good company car will be as equally adept at covering large distances on the motorway as it is on the school run. That means a spacious cabin, a reasonable boot capacity and a comfortable ride are all essential traits.

Low tax

Current company car tax rules are designed to encourage buyers to choose low CO2 emission vehicles, particularly plug-in hybrid and electric cars. With that in mind, if you want to pay the lowest amount of benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax possible, you will be primarily looking at these types of vehicles.

Driving experience

Many company car users regularly travel long distances, covering tens of thousands of miles every year. Their car almost becomes their second home and, like a house, needs to be comfortable, safe and equipped with the latest technology.


When attending meetings with clients, directors and other business associates, it is important that you make the right first impression. Having the right badge on your car can help you get a foot in the door.

Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar I-PACE, Wimbledon

The Jaguar I-PACE makes for a great company car simply because it emphatically ticks all of the boxes mentioned above.

As the brand's first fully electric car, it represented a paradigm shift for Jaguar when it originally launched, and is still widely regarded as one of the best electric cars you can buy, particularly after the recent updates.

The company were clearly thinking outside the box when they came up with the design for the I-PACE. Its unique shape is unlike any other car, and provides all of the space you will ever need without harming the driving dynamics.

Being fully electric, the I-PACE slots into the lowest possible company car tax band, making it very affordable. Jaguar business contract hire rates are also attractive, too.

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BMW 3 Series 330e

BMW 330e Touring

The BMW 3 Series has long been one of the top mile-munching vehicles in most European countries, including the UK. Understated elegance and class are two of its top traits, but what really moves the needle for buyers is the sheer competence in all scenarios.

The plug-in hybrid 3 Series, known as the 330e, takes advantage of the low-hanging fruit within the company car tax band rules, making it very cost-effective to own.

Over the years it has become the benchmark that all other company cars are measured against, and it is not hard to see why.

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Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC, Cityscape

Mercedes-Benz is one of those brands that company executives aspire to own. It is a landmark moment in many people's careers the day they get their first Mercedes-Benz company car.

Truthfully, any of the Mercedes-Benz models that you can purchase through contract hire make excellent company cars. We have picked out the EQC because it is fully electric, which means astonishingly low BIK tax thanks to zero tailpipe emissions.

It is a large, handsome vehicle that strikes a great balance between looking to the future and paying homage to tradition. The interior is supremely comfortable, the technology is great and it can travel up to 255 miles on a single charge. A superb all-rounder.

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Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo

Porsche Panamera 4 e-Hybrid

Porsche seem to have their ducks in a row right now, with a magnificent range of cars that appeal to a broad range of premium car drivers - including company car owners.

The plug-in hybrid nature of the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo means that CO2 emissions are kept to under the magic 50g/km figure, which is where the real value is when it comes to BIK tax bands.

It is a very practical vehicle, with the Sport Turismo providing slightly more luggage room than the Panamera saloon, which is already very roomy. Comfort is exquisite and performance exceptional; there really is nothing else that drives like a Porsche.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque P300e

Range Rover Evoque PHEV

When image is higher up the list than many other vehicle attributes, the Range Rover brand starts to become increasingly appealing.

The latest generation of Range Rover Evoque builds impressively on the design that captured the hearts of people all around the world when it was first launched. No matter which way it is specified, it is not possible to make the Evoque look anything other than the epitome of style.

It is certainly not all form over function, however. The tremendous Pivi Pro infotainment system tops off what is a very special interior space, loaded with top-class materials and eye-catching design.

With the option of a plug-in hybrid model, known as the P300e, keeping company car tax at a more than reasonable level, the Evoque really is the product of 360-degree thinking.

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MINI Countryman Cooper S E ALL4 PHEV

MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in hybrids like the MINI Countryman Cooper S E ALL4 PHEV make a great deal of sense for those who do not want to make the life adjustments needed to own a pure electric car like the MINI Electric.

The Countryman Plug-in Hybrid is not hindered by any kind of range limitations. Once the 29 miles of pure electric driving runs out, the car automatically switches over to hybrid mode, firing up the perky petrol engine to keep you on the move until you need to stop to refuel.

Producing 217bhp, it is fun to drive too, whilst remaining supremely practical thanks to a roomy interior and a sizeable boot capacity. Fuel economy varies depending on how much use you get out of the pure electric mode, but MINI say it is possible to achieve up to 156mpg.

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