Should I Buy A Mercedes-EQ Electric Car?

22nd Sep 2021

What is the Mercedes-EQ range?

Mercedes-EQ is the brand name for the electric car range from Mercedes-Benz. Encompassing various all-electric cars; the EQ range is constantly expanding.

In the absence of an internal combustion engine (ICE), the EQ cars are powered by an electric motor; delivering an almost silent drive, instant torque and zero tailpipe emissions.

Equally as luxurious as the petrol and diesel powered Mercedes-Benz cars, the 100 percent electric vehicles stand out thanks to various features unique to the EQ brand.

We borrowed the Mercedes-Benz EQA, which is currently the smallest fully electric SUV available, from Stratstone Mercedes-Benz of Leeds to find out what differentiates the EQ models from the rest of the Mercedes-Benz new car range.

Navigation with electric intelligence

Mercedes-Benz EQA Navigation

Satellite navigation is a modern technology that has become pretty commonplace in cars, especially those from premium and luxury brands. However, the EQA and other models in the EQ range feature navigation with electric intelligence.

Simply put, this offers you the ultimate system for planning your route in an electric vehicle (EV). Including information such as:

  • A fast and convenient route
  • Current state of battery charge
  • Weather data
  • Charging infrastructure

If you are heading on a journey in the EQA with an all-electric range of up to 263 miles, the system will suggest the most time-efficient and convenient route to you, including any necessary charging stops. It will also make clear what type of charging station it is, so you can plan your time, as the EQA will be charged much quicker using a rapid charging station, which gains preference on the navigation with electric intelligence system.

Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) Multimedia System

Mercedes-Benz EQA MBUX

Not strictly unique to the EQ brand, the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) multimedia system was debuted in the A-Class, which happens to have earned a place in our top 5 best car interiors blog, and has since featured in any new Mercedes-Benz car.

This intelligent multimedia system allows users to operate a variety of the EQA's features intuitively through the large high-resolution screens by hand gesture, voice control or touch.

A simple "Hey Mercedes", will activate the system to be ready to respond to your request, which could be anything from calling a friend through your smartphone or finding a charging station on route. Smartphone integration allows you to link your mobile phone with the media system via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Learning the driver's habits, the system can remember your favourite songs as well as your frequent journeys, perhaps to home or work.

Unique Mercedes-EQ Design

Mercedes-Benz EQA Design

Standing apart from the conventional cars in the Mercedes-Benz line-up, the Mercedes-EQ vehicles have a unique design to make it clear they are fully electric.

Combining sporty looks with the versatility of a compact SUV, the EQA's design is modern and futuristic making it instantly recognisable as an EV.

Following on from previous EQ models, the EQA features a front LED lightband connecting the high-performance LED headlamps with the signature black panel grille. Head to the rear of the vehicle, which is equally as attractive, and you will find another LED lightband as well privacy class to enhance the sporty aesthetic.

Upgrade to the AMG Line and the EQA gains distinctive AMG bodystyling as well as illuminated door sills, with the EQA lettering.

Aerodynamics is an important consideration for electric cars and the EQA happens to be the first vehicle from the EQ series to have its aerodynamics developed entirely through digital simulation; resulting in a design with a totally enclosed air cooling system, aerodynamically efficient front and rear aprons as well as an almost completely smooth enclosed underbody.

Intelligent Battery Technology

Mercedes-Benz EQA Charging

Located in the centre of the EQA, underneath the passenger compartment, the high-voltage lithium-ion battery is the powerhouse with a 66.5kWh capacity.

Intelligent Thermal Management keeps the EQA's battery at the optimal temperature. This means the battery is capable of adjusting to the appropriate climate depending on the situation, so it can be at the perfect temperature for speedy charging when visiting a charging point.

This intelligent system features a heat pump as standard so that excess heat from the battery can boost the interior climate; maximising battery energy whilst creating a comfortable driving temperature in the cabin. Preventing heat from going to waste, this system is designed to maximise efficiency and provide the greatest possible all-electric range.

Electric Driving

Mercedes-Benz EQA Driving

Obvious benefits of driving an electric car are the zero tailpipe emissions and instant acceleration, but there are so many other advantages; especially with the EQA or any other Mercedes-EQ car.

Choose from multiple driving modes:

  • Sport - favours performance over efficiency providing maximum power and a responsive drive
  • Comfort (default) - reduces the performance a little to provide a smooth and comfortable power delivery that improves efficiency and increases the range
  • Eco (eco assist) - helps to reduce power consumption and increase your range by guiding you to drive in the most energy efficient way at an optimum speed
  • Recuperation - four recuperation modes are available to choose from, varying the degree to which the electric motor is used to slow the car and return energy to the battery

Experience the Mercedes-Benz EQA

Based on the GLA, the EQA is a fully electric model with a decent all-electric range that is more than enough for commuting and day-to-day driving. Typical of a Mercedes-Benz model, the interior is sophisticated and features state-of-the-art technology as well as a comfortable driving experience; whilst the exterior consists of an aerodynamic efficient design with unique EQ branded elements.

These are just five standout features of the Mercedes-Benz EQA, to fully appreciate the car and explore everything it has to offer you can arrange a test drive at your nearest Stratstone Mercedes-Benz retailer.