BMW X1 vs BMW X2 | Which is Right for You?

14th Dec 2023

By Kenny Longdon

BMW Cars

The famous blue, black and white roundel of BMW is instantly recognisable the world over. Their cars have a reputation for being sought-after vehicles that appeal to a variety of buyers. These include everything from smart hatchbacks, iconic saloons, practical estates, trendy SUVs, legendary M cars and cutting-edge fully-electric vehicles featuring the iconic BMW badge.

In this article, we are having a look at the entry-level SUVs in the BMW range, in the form of the X1 and X2.

Introduction and Design

X1 M35i

It was actually the BMW X5 that was the first X Series SUV BMW model which came along in 1999. With 'Sports Utility Vehicle' segment becoming ultra-popular in more recent times, consumers have wanted more compact or larger versions, and so the BMW X Series range naturally grew, catering for a multitude of buyers.

We saw the first generation X1 in 2009, being replaced by the second generation in 2016. The version which we are having a look at here is a much revised third generation model that came along in 2022 (pictured above). The X2 came a little later to the fold, with the first generation coming along in 2017, whilst the second generation we see here came along in 2023.

The main difference in the X1 and X2's design is that the X2 is a coupé SUV, whilst the X1 is a more traditional SUV shape. Other differences include a slightly different take on the iconic kidney grilles, whilst you can tell these SUVs are from the same Munich manufacturer.


BMW X2 and iX2

Like many BMW models, there are multiple versions available within the range of both the X1 and X2. The main difference between the pair is that the X1 is seen as the more traditional SUV, with the more familiar SUV body shape complemented by more choice in terms of engines. That is because you can choose between petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid. (X2 and iX2 pictured above).

There is also a fully-electric version of both models in the form of the BMW iX1 and iX2.

More trim levels are available when looking at an X1 too, comprising Sport, xLine, M Sport and the range-topping M35i, in comparison to the more dynamic focus of the coupé-like X2, which just comprises the M Sport and M35i.

Unlike the larger BMW X Series SUVs there are no full-on M versions like the X3M or X5M, instead the M35i versions are essentially a junior M car choice. They are still very fast and fantastically dynamic, especially for SUVs.

It is also worth noting that not all X1 and X2 models come as standard with xDrive all-wheel drive, as some feature front-wheel drive, which are referred to as sDrive.

Interior and Technology

BMW X2 Interior

Complementing a smart exterior, the X1 and X2 (pictured) have an interior full of state-of-the technology.

Later models of the X1 and the X2 from launch will feature the new BMW Operating System 9, which uses a stylish fully-digital infotainment display, along with a fully-digital instrument cluster, side by side.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto feature as standard, with the operating system even allowing customers to make use of music and video streaming, along with gaming too (gaming feature accessible when the car is stationary).

Customisation is also available with multiple drive modes available in both cars, comprising - Personal, Sport and Efficient, whilst BMW Digital Premium extends modes.


BMW X2 M35i

With both of these models being SUVs, they provide excellent practicality as standard.

The BMW X1 has a 540-litre boot, which rises to 1,545 litres if you fold the rear seats. Interestingly, the more dynamic focused X2 (pictured) has a larger 560-litre boot.

In the iX1's case the boot drops to 490 litres, which is still excellent, whilst the iX2 again offers a little less than the X1 with 525-litres.

This is interesting as you may expect a coupé-like body to be less practical, but in reality they still are pretty similar.

Of course, the coupé-like body will affect rear head space, but with the dent to practicality, you arguably gain in style.

Value and Final Thoughts

X1 M35i

In a world where the SUV continue its popularity, there is a lot of choice, but by choosing a BMW X1 (pictured) or BMW X2, you are guaranteed one of the best compact SUV out there, showcasing typical BMW refinement and quality, along with the dynamic excellence showcased with many BMW models.

If you want a more traditional SUV experience, then the BMW X1 is perhaps the perfect option out of this duo, but if you want a sleeker SUV and appreciate standing out a little from the norm, then the X2 will fit the bill brilliantly.

The beauty with the whole of the BMW range is that there is so much choice, so finding a BMW tailored to your tastes is simple.

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