Top 5: Luxury Hybrid and Electric Cars for Towing

08th Mar 2022

By Kenny Longdon

Luxury Hybrid and Electric Towing Cars

More and more of us are choosing an electric or hybrid vehicle for our next car. Offering low running costs, tempting incentives and state-of-the-art technology, these cutting-edge vehicles are without doubt an interesting proposition and can be especially exciting if it is going to be your first flurry into electric or part-electric vehicle ownership.

But what about towing? It has previously been the case that electric cars have reduced towing capacity due to the weight of the batteries and the possible damage towing could do to the electric powertrains.

However, as time progresses, manufacturers have discovered ways to eliminate these concerns and today there are a number of impressive electric and hybrid luxury towing cars to choose from.

Land Rover Defender P400e

Land Rover Defender P400e

Starting strong with one of the most iconic names when it comes to SUVs and off-road excellence. A Land Rover also happens to be a pretty safe bet when it comes to towing things, and with a 3,000kg maximum capacity, the Land Rover Defender P400e offers the greatest pulling power in the Land Rover PHEV range.

This means caravans, horseboxes and the like are dealt with in complete ease for this re-imagined Defender, largely due to the fact that helping the electric motor is a familiar 2.0-litre petrol engine, for a total power output of 398bhp.

Performance is therefore excellent, with 0 to 62mph possible in just 5.6 seconds (when not towing of course) and due to the car's clever PHEV nature, you can enjoy up to 27 miles of pure electric range, along with economy of up to 85mpg.

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Time for a fully-electric hybrid towing car in the form of the BMW iX. Again, this is another hugely practical SUV, or as BMW refer to it; SAV, which stands for Sports Activity Vehicle.

The bold looks coincide with the car's futuristic technology, and it just so happens that despite fully-electric cars having a reduced towing capacity when compared with plug-in hybrid alternatives, the BMW iX is actually one of the best fully-electric towing cars available, thanks to an impressive 2,500kg towing capacity. This means it offers 700kg more than a rival Audi e-tron.

With up to 380 miles of range fully-electric range, it beats the Audi's 248-mile total too, when selecting the 105.2kWh battery pack. There are multiple specifications to choose from, and if you go for the full M version in the form of the iX M60, you will go from 0 to 62mph in a supercar-beating 3.8 seconds - when not towing of course.

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Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC

The first dedicated all-electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, the EQC, is yet another hugely sought-after SUV.

With the EQC 400 4Matic packing a punchy 402bhp and an impressive 561lb ft of torque, the EQC can tow a pretty decent 1,800kg.

What is more, the EQC features self-leveling air springs for the rear suspension, meaning this Mercedes SUV will not suffer from a low-rear-end and high-nose which can be seen on most vehicles when towing a caravan or trailer. Therefore, you will definitely look a lot cooler when towing with the Mercedes-EQC.

With 0 to 62mph possible in 5.1 seconds, when not on towing duty, the EQC is rather rapid considering its vast practical SUV size.

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Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid

Back to hybrids now, and what better way to indulge than with one of the finest sports car makers available. The Cayenne is an excellent luxury SUV offering typical Porsche refinement and sports car characteristics.

Here in Turbo S E-Hybrid specification, you still get breathtaking sports car-like performance with 0 to 62mph possible in as low as 3.8 seconds, with the Sport Chrono Package. The uncanny thing is that despite the performance, this cutting-edge PHEV can return outstanding fuel economy of up to 74mpg.

And due to this Cayenne's hybrid nature, there is a large 3,000kg towing capacity. This is thanks to the Turbo S E-Hybrid's 664 lb ft of torque on offer - allowing for towing with absolute ease. Being a hybrid, you can also enjoy emission-free driving thanks to a total electric range of up to 30 miles.

What is more, the Porsche Cayenne can be specified in the regular SUV bodystyle or sleeker Coupé SUV version which offers the same towing capacity. If you require that little bit more pull, a regular Cayenne E-Hybrid offers 3,500kg towing ability.

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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

We could not really compile this list without mentioning electric vehicle trailblazer Tesla. The Model X is the American electric car manufacturer's large SUV offering, which along with excellent practicality, provides supercar-beating performance. It has cool rear doors too.

Depending on what model you opt for, 0 to 62mph times fall between 4.4 seconds, and as low as 2.6 seconds when in 'Ludicrous mode'. And if you thought all the performance would zap all the electric range, you would be mistaken as the Model X can return up to 340 miles when fully charged.

However, does it make a good luxury tow car? With a 2,250kg towing capacity it offers one of the best for an electric vehicle.

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