Top 5: The Safest Used Cars for Winter and Snow

13th Nov 2019

With winter fast approaching, many drivers are going to be paying close attention when it comes to enhancing their road safety. Cars today boast some truly incredible safety features and enhancements, which all add up to make every day driving much safer.

However, not every car is ideally suited to the demands of winter, and with Britain being renowned for its questionable weather, a step in the right direction may well be that of a dependable all-wheel drive vehicle.

But which all-wheel drive vehicles are the best out there, and which will still serve you well all year round? Below we have compiled a list of our five favourites. It's worth noting that all our choices have the option of four-wheel drive, and a five-star NCAP safety rating.

Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport

You simply cannot talk about cars which are perfect for winter without including a product from the iconic Land Rover range.

With high levels of standard equipment and a premium quality interior, it's plush and comfortable enough to rival the best luxury saloons in the business. It also has the ability to become an occasional seven-seater, so your options are never limited.  Furthermore, the Range Rover Sport features no fewer than 11 active safety systems, designed to keep the vehicle stable.

As you would expect, the Range Rover Sport is an excellent off-road vehicle. It not only features permanent four-wheel-drive, but thanks to the Terrain Response 2 System it can adapt to a variety of different environments from tackling mud, gravel, rocks or sand. It can also be tuned to deal specifically with snow, making it the ideal winter machine.

Mercedes-Benz GLA 4MATIC

Mercedes-Benz GLA

A stylish, compact SUV, the GLA brings Mercedes-Benz luxury and refinement to the crossover class. The practical and functional hatchback design can be specified with the Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC four-wheel drive system; an always-active system which provides traction to all four wheels when they need it. The blend of practicality and go-anywhere ability means that it's ideal in all weather conditions.

Standard safety equipment is also generous. Attention Assist features on all models and monitors alertness levels and steering input from the driver, sounding a warning if they show signs of tiredness. Collision Prevention Assist is also present across the range, which warns the driver of imminent collision. The standard ESP (Electronic Stability Program) will also help on those slippery winter roads.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is a car celebrated for its handling capabilities and driving dynamics but not so much as a winter car, due to being rear wheel drive. However, the xDrive system from BMW changes all that. Distributing power over all four wheels to give active four-wheel drive, it helps you to navigate the dangers of winter driving.

Standard safety equipment includes a tyre pressure monitoring system and ESP for added confidence on winter roads, whilst the 3 Series boasts a full complement of airbags.

The driving dynamics of the 3 Series are unaffected by the xDrive system, meaning it's still the perfect family car all-year round. A tried and tested selection of engines see the 3 Series score highly for reliability too. A 480-litre boot means there is plenty of space for winter equipment essentials as well. 

MINI Countryman ALL4

MINI Countryman

A unique entry in the SUV class, the MINI Countryman promises a blend of classic MINI styling and driving dynamics in a versatile format which appeals to families. 

Chunky styling isn't just for looks either, the Countryman can comfortably seat four adults and boasts a reasonable boot space of 350-litres. Furthermore, it is available with the ALL4 four-wheel-drive system which can distribute power across the four wheels as required. This helps it maintain traction, even on icy or slippery roads.

The Countryman includes a full set of airbags for passenger safety, whilst models such as the ALL4 include Dynamic Traction Control for improved grip on snow or sand by reducing wheelspin. Dynamic Stability Control, standard across the range, can brake each wheel individually to improve your holding on the road.

Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan

This is an SUV which focuses wholly on the driving experience, and as such boasts sharp handling and a range of powerful engines. It also has a luxurious interior, and a driving position which would be more familiar in a sports car. It is a Porsche, after all.

As standard, the Macan also has permanent four-wheel-drive which is designed to improve acceleration as well as road traction. As such, it's no wonder this model has made our list and is one of the most enjoyable ways to stay safe this winter.

The Macan is the first-ever Porsche model to be crash tested by Euro-NCAP and passed with a full five-star rating. It features Electronic Stability Control as standard, to help traction in addition to a raft of additional safety options.
This blog is a list of our top five safest used cars for winter and the snow that don't compromise on practicality or dependability all-year round. However, there are so many more cars that are also suitable, so why not check our wide selection of available used cars.