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Complimentary Home Charger With Installation

Whether you’re choosing the fully electric Jaguar I-PACE* or one of our plug-in electric hybrid models, for the fastest charging time at home, we recommend a professionally installed charger – also known as a wall box or home charging point.**

A home charger will charge a fully electric car overnight and deliver up to 22 miles^ of range from 60 minutes using a 7kW supply. Charging at home is not only convenient, but the cost of electricity is less per mile than petrol or diesel. You can reduce this further with an off-peak electricity tariff.

With over 100,000 chargers installed, Pod Point is one of UK's leading providers of electric vehicle charging.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

* Eligible models are Jaguar I-PACE and Plug-In Electric Hybrid variants of Jaguar E-PACE and F-PACE.

**Orders must be placed between 01.01.2024 and 31.03.2024.
This promotion is exclusive to Jaguar Contract Hire transacted directly by Jaguar Retailers. If you wish to take up the 7kW home charger and standard installation offer, please sign the agreement presented by the Retailer, which gives Jaguar Contract Hire permission to share your limited data with PodPoint, including your name, phone number and e-mail address. PodPoint will e-mail you with a unique link to obtain the 7kW home charger and standard installation offer. If you change your mind, you can follow the steps set out in the agreement to remove your permission and access to the offer. If you wish to add additional items to your order, you will be presented with the additional costs to do so. Once finalised at checkout, you will need to pay PodPoint directly. You will also need to sign up to PodPoint’s terms and conditions. The agreement is between PodPoint and you. PodPoint will arrange a convenient date for installation at your home address.

^Charging times will vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to the age, condition, temperature and existing charge of the battery; the facility used and the duration of charge.