Best Small Cars for Golfers

14th Feb 2023

By Kenny Longdon

Best Cars for Golfers

There are lots of things to consider when buying a car, but for the avid golfer, space is perhaps near the top of the list. However, not every golfer will want a large car, so our selection focuses on more compact choices, which use their space in cleverer ways so you can fit in your clubs with ease.

This blog features a trio of premium hatchbacks, a duo of outside the box alternatives, and a pair of chalk and cheese SUVs.

Discover your favourite below.


Outside the box alternatives



Here we take a look at some textbook hatchbacks which will not only provide ample amounts of space, but will also look the part whether it be out on the road, in the golf club's car park or sat on your driveway.

Volkswagen Golf


Come on, we had to include it. And not just because of the name, but due to the fact that the VW Golf is one of the most practical hatchbacks out there with a decent 380-litre boot (MK8). And, believe it or not, the car is not named after the sport, but after a gulf of air.

It did not stop the German designers giving the iconic GTI a golf ball gear knob though, which is rather cool touch.

And with golf outfits being a topic for discussion, if you opt for a GTI version, you will get some classic Golf GTI tartan, which could match your golfers outfit, probably.

And although the humble Golf may not be a 'flash' as some of the more premium brands in this list, a Golf is somewhat classless and looks right at home outside a supermarket, as it does a golf club.

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Mercedes-Benz A-Class A 250e

The A-Class used to showcase an MPV vibe, but with the model reborn as a stylish hatchback, Mercedes-Benz chose the entry-level A-Class to unveil its state-of-the-art digital instrument cluster and infotainment set-up.

It was then rolled out across other models in the range. By opting for the entry-level A-Class as the platform to showcase its new technology on was a bold move, as manufacturers usually opt for their range-topping models to showcase new technology. It did pay off however, and the A-Class is a sought-after car for many buyers, not just golfers.

With the smart digital interior vibe, it is equipped with a large boot (355 litres) meaning clubs will fit in without worry. And if a saloon car is more your thing, there is also a Saloon version of the A-Class too.

The A 35 and 45 AMG versions top the range offering incredible performance and enhanced styling. The full-fat AMG models are sure to turn a few heads in the clubhouse car park for sure.

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BMW 1 Series

White BMW 1 Series 128ti

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have gone wheel to wheel for many years, and if the A-Class does not tempt your fancy, then perhaps the BMW 1 Series will.

It is a doddle to slot your clubs into the sizeable boot of the 1 Series thanks to its 380-litre boot (1200-litre with the seats folded), and with a fully-digital instrument cluster and infotainment screen like the Mercedes mentioned previously, the 1 Series is a fine place to spend time.

A performance version comes in the form of the M135i xDrive, which makes use of a turbocharged engine that packs a serious 302bhp punch as well as xDrive all-wheel drive. The 265bhp 128ti, pictured, is no slouch either and is essentially BMW's answer to the VW Golf GTI. The prestige of the BMW badge will go down well in the clubhouse, too.

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Outside the box alternatives

If you want a compact car, but do not want an regular hatchback, the MINI Clubman could well be the quirky solution. Or why not take a look at the smaller Audi A1 Sportback which is smaller than the conventional hatchback, but hits a lot higher than its proportions suggest.

MINI Clubman

MINI Clubman, Rear Doors Open

The MINI Clubman is for those who are a little quirky, and perhaps need a bit of extra space than the regular MINI Hatchback. Ideal then if you like to play golf, as the clubs will fit inside the Clubman with ease.

It sports rear doors that split and open outwards for extra quirkiness, and rear storage room can be increased by folding down the rear seats, increasing from 360 litres to 1,250 litres.

And despite this individuality, it still retains its iconic go-kart like dynamics and character the MINI Hatch made famous.

And if you want extra performance, the JCW and Cooper S versions offer outstanding performance with surprisingly good fuel economy, so you can spend what you save in fuel on golf balls...

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Audi A1

Audi A1 Sportback, Blue

The Audi A1 is the smallest car in this list, but do not let that put you off. It is surprisingly roomy, especially in 5-door Sportback form.

The boot is plenty large enough for a set of golf clubs, and if you fold the rear seats down you will have room for a lot more items too.

Audi cars are beautifully made and the plush interior is unusually luxurious for a car in this class. It looks good too, with Audi's trademark sharp styling and instantly recognisable grille fitting in nicely with the rest of the premium cars in the golf club car park.

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SUVs do not have to me massive gas guzzlers, and the Ford Puma and Jaguar E-PACE represent two sides of the compact SUV spectrum. Both are similar in what they ultimately deliver, but are beautifully different in their delivery.

Ford Puma

Ford Puma MHEV

Ford may be a brand that is very much a household name and not exactly premium, but you cannot fault the quality of cars they produce.

The Ford Puma was once a small compact car, which has been reborn as a trendy SUV. Love them or hate them, cars like the Puma sell, and they sell well. The pick of the Puma range is undoubtedly the range-topping ST with its smart and sporty looks and its enhanced practicality.

Granted, the racy Puma will not be for every golfer out there, and in 'Mean Green' it will stand out somewhat in the clubhouse car park, but if your outfit makes you stand out on the course, why not match the standout vibe in the car park?

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Jaguar E-PACE

Grey Jaguar E-Pace, Driving

From the smallest car on the list to one of the largest, the E-PACE is Jaguar's compact SUV, which was orginally released in 2017.

It is a handsomely styled car and the SUV proportions give it an advantage over hatchback rivals in terms of interior space. It is still compact though, and in fact it is actually shorter in length than the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

The boot is a good size, certainly large enough for golf clubs, and Jaguars have long been recognised as one of the top cars to be seen in at the golf club.

A great choice if you prefer a higher driving position, both physically and psychologically.

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