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A sense of excitement builds each year when a fleet of stickered up Land Rover Discoverys head to the south coast of the UK ready to guide guests towards the picturesque city of Le Mans in France  

Friday the 8th July 2016 marked the start of the Stratstone Le Mans Classic Experience 2016.

On the morning of Friday 8th July, the roar of supercars, both present and classic marked the start of our Le Mans Experience. Guests arrived at the Hythe Imperial Hotel for morning refreshments, goodie bags and to meet, ahead of our journey to Le Mans and a weekend of trackside spectating.

As we slowly load onto the Eurotunnel, some car skirts just milimetres off the ramp, the excitement is growing. This could possibly be one of the most expensive trains of the year, with cars ranging from classic Jaguar E-types to brand new Ferrari 458s.

After a very sunny drive across empty french motorways, we arrive at hotel Le Foresterie in Le Mans. The car park is full of gorgeous cars glistening in the sun and our guests are enjoying a well deserved beer in the sun after a long day of travelling. After a bit of food we welcome them to Le Mans with a briefing about what is planned for the weekend and what exciting things to see.

On Saturday we travel down to the track in the Stratstone Club Shuttles and our guests disperse to explore the incredible sights of Le Mans Classic. A main attraction for the day was the Jaguar Classic Challenge. Not only did some of our guests drive a classic Jagaur, Stratstone had a horse in the race - The #StratstoneEtype. Driven by BBC Top Gear Presenter Chris Harris. We all watched from the Grandstand for its race debut, having a lovely round and an exciting achievement for the car.

Not only this but we were lucky enough to join the Jaguar Parade lap with our customers. Over 100 Jaguars took to the track for a 'tame' parade twice around the track. From classic E-types to brand new F-TYPE SVRs, the sound from the track was incredible.

We then headed to the Grandstand to watch the start of the main Le Mans Classic race, which includes the renowend running start. A celebration of cars from all eras, the race runs for 24 hours and includes a variety of classes.

As guests enjoy a night in Le Mans city, we head to the track to catch some night racing. Glowing break lights and pads light up the track. Keen spectators asleep on the banks of the track to ensure a prime spot for the next day.

Another glorious day on Sunday as we headed back to the track to soak up more of the atmosphere. With special access to the paddocks we were able to get up close to the cars that were racing. Acres and acres of gleaming metal flooded the surrounding area. A club for every car with a display of classics and new models. The racing ended at 4pm with Pharrell Williams calling Le Mans Classic 2016 to a close.

With the racing over, our guests returned to the hotel to get ready for a night at a private Chateau. The evening commenced with champagne in the grounds followed by a charity raffle and a sit down meal. It was a splendid evening with guests enjoying a wind down from the busy atmosphere of the track side.

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