Top 10: Best Used German Cars

25th Nov 2021

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German car makers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen have been producing desirable and attractive models for many years, with the manufacturers themselves being amidst some of the world's most recognised brands. 

It's no wonder then, that German cars are some of the most sought-after cars on UK roads. This is thanks to iconic heritage, excellent build quality, alluring style, cutting-edge technology, and class-leading driving experiences. 

We've compiled a list of the some of the best used German cars available. 

BMW 3 Series

Used BMW 3 Series, Driving

Originally created in 1975, the BMW 3 Series is the textbook answer for a classy executive saloon car. Like many popular mainstream cars, further body styles have been added which include a coupe, convertible and estate version.

An excellent driving experience has always been a textbook trait of any 3 Series, along with handsome looks, solid build quality, fine material choice and impressive performance.

A variety of engine choices and specifications has ensured the 3 Series has continued to appeal with each new generation, and let's not forget the birth of the most iconic 3 Series out there: the M3.

A used 3 Series will not disappoint and even high mileage cars still ooze quality and desirability.

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Volkswagen Golf

Used Volkswagen Golf

The '70s gave birth to another icon in the form of the legendary Volkswagen Golf. Like the BMW 3 Series, the Golf has welcomed multiple body styles over its many generations which have included an estate and convertible, but the Golf will always be famed for its iconic hatchback shape.

Solid build quality, tremendous practicality, 3 and 5-door availability, generous kit levels and an impressive driving experience have ensured the Golf will always be in demand - and is the obvious answer for the perfect hatch. 

The GTI version is a great shout for those wanting strong performance, but don't want to sacrifice practicality, comfort or economy. You simply can't go wrong with a used VW Golf

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Used Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Officially launched in the early '90s, the C-Class' predecessor was the Mercedes-Benz 190, which came along in the seventies, setting the foundation for supreme quality. 

Main C-Class competition has always been the BMW 3 Series, with both cars being the ideal solution to the saloon car conundrum. Mercedes-Benz have always been one for luxury, quality and performance.

Multiple body styles such as a coupe, cabriolet and estate are available, as expected with such a popular platform. Again, having similarities with those previously mentioned, performance versions such as the AMG models are ultra-impressive.

Older, higher-mileage versions follow suit and make an attractive used buy. We would always recommend cars with good service history as luxury cars like this can require substantial repairs if left neglected.

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Audi TT

Used Audi TT

In 1998, the Audi TT was born. One of the most significant car designs in recent memory. A gorgeous exterior, complemented by a trailblazing interior ensured the TT was an instant hit.

Superb build quality, incredible performance and a range of specifications meant the TT appealed to a wide range of buyers, increasing the car's popularity.

New generations have come along and just like the original, the exterior and interior have been enhanced, cementing the TT as one of the best sports coupes to go for.

If you want a sports car that can be a perfect daily driver (if a tad short on practicality) but also put a smile on your face at the weekend, you can't go far wrong with a TT. 

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Porsche 911

Used Porsche 911

We can't compile a list of the best used German cars, without mentioning the best sports car of all time - the Porsche 911

Born in the '60s, each new generation has become even more desirable, whilst still keeping the iconic 911 silhouette of the original.

The beauty of the 911 is that although it may be a thoroughbred sports car, or even supercar in most of the range-topping examples (Turbo S, RS, R), many models can be used day in, day out, without problem.

Some hail a used 911 as the everyday supercar, due to the comfort levels, specification levels, performance and a reasonable amount of practicality.

Make no mistake, this car will make you feel special with every drive.

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Used Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Mercedes-Benz are pioneers in automotive technology, and it is usually the S-Class that showcases the company's incredible technology first. Gadgets such as Radar guided cruise control was first seen on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

And if you want a car that is the epitome of comfort and luxury, the S-Class is the answer. Being a Mercedes-Benz of course means you also get executive style, incredible levels of refinement and technology, along with excellent performance.

Brand-new, the S-Class is of course not cheap, but used examples can become supremely tempting if you want to live the luxury lifestyle, with a substantial saving. You'll also be getting an outstanding car. 

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Audi Q5

Used Audi Q5

The SUV continues with its popularity and German manufacturers make some fine examples, with the Audi Q5 being a great option.

Big, spacious, comfortable, good-looking and well-made, the Audi Q5 is properly attractive for those wanting all the practicalities of an SUV. Being an Audi, there is also the sense of premium status too, which is always going to tempt buyers over another manufacturer.

Despite the size, the Q5 is economical in most guises, whilst the SQ5 offers incredible performance, that can match many sports cars.

If you are after a smart, practical, well-built SUV with the all-important Audi image, the Q5 is a more than a safe bet.

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BMW 1 Series

Used BMW 1 Series

With BMW being well-known the world over for offering 'The Ultimate Driving Machine', and their cars expressing an executive and successful image, it's no wonder that the entry-level BMW 1 Series was a huge hit.

It is fair to state that the 1 Series has become more handsome over time, and offers 3 and 5 door hatchback body styles to suit different tastes. A cabriolet and coupe body style are available in early models, but later models are purely hatchback, due to the birth of the 2 Series.

A range of different versions and specifications are available, including the rather impressive M135i xDrive performance model. 

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Audi A3

Used Audi A3

Born in 1996, the Audi A3 has been an important model for the brand, and still sells incredibly well today.

Starting off as a hatchback, once upon a time it was the entry-level step into Audi ownership - this is now the role of the A1. With new generations, the A3 has also been offered as a saloon and convertible body style too.

Handsome looks, incredible usability, 3 and 5-door practicality, a fine driving experience and excellent build quality are just some of the usual A3 characteristics.

The performance versions such as the S3 and RS3 are incredibly fast, and make for excellent winter daily drivers, thanks to their Quattro four-wheel-drive systems. 

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Used BMW X3

The BMW X5 kicked off the SUV trend for BMW, but the slightly smaller X3 is more affordable and possibly a little more handsome than its larger sibling.

And what does a good SUV offer other than practicality, comfort and that all-important SUV image? Handling. If an SUV doesn't flop about in the corners and handles like a car, it is always a welcome characteristic and means that those making the step up into their first SUV will look for.

The X3 delivers with a typically well executed BMW driving experience. They don't call them 'The Ultimate Driving Machine' for nothing. 

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Find your perfect used German car

All of the above are examples of brilliant used German cars that you can buy in the UK today. Thanks to affordable finance options such as Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase, owning your dream German car could be a lot closer than you think.

At Stratstone, we keep examples of these excellent used cars in our inventory at all times. As official representatives for a number of German premium car manufacturers, we know how to prepare and look after these models to ensure they are ready for their new owners.

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