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Our Porsche Centres in Bolton and Wilmslow took on a project to restore a Classic Transaxle Porsche to its former glory while showcasing the ability of the Porsche Centre and the Body Repairer to combine their knowledge, skill sets and ingenuity, to turn a rolling shell into a First Class example of its type.

As part of the project they were to retain the original specification where possible, using initiative and resourcefulness to ensure the most cost effective restoration possible. At the same time as maintaining the highest standard imaginable and protecting the integrity of the car, as well as making the whole project commercially viable.

Porsche 924 Carrera GT

Porsche Centre Bolton

Model: Porsche 924 Carrera GT   
Year/Age: February 1981   
Transmission: Manual  
Mileage: 60,354  
Exterior Colour: Black   
Trim Colour: Black & Red Pin Stripe   
Purchase Price: £12,000

The vehicle was in a dreadful state of repair when discovered, as can be viewed in these first pictures. The interior of the vehicle was partially removed by the previous owner prior to being purchased by Porsche Centre Bolton, they found it too expensive and a much more complex project to undertake than they were comfortable with – the complexity, difficulties and extensive nature of the restoration was for Porsche Centre Bolton, one of the big attractions in taking it on.

It wasn’t until the stripping actually started was the true extent of the work required really exposed and identified. Years of neglect and lack of upkeep were to become evident very quickly. Being stood dormant for so long added to the dismantling process and timescale, with nuts corroded or seized on,  it meant lots of additional time spent “encouraging” them off.

Porsche 924 Carrera GT Interior
Considering the vehicle has had little or no use in the previous 20 years, the interior was in reasonably good condition – although there were some specialist repairs required to get it to the desired standard.

The team say farewell to the car as it gets transported to Road and Race Restortions who had been drafted in to help with the body work. The wings, doors, bonnet and tailgate were all removed giving full access to the interior of the Shell for further extensive body stripping. The chassis plate was checked to ensure it was correct for the vehicle as per all the relevant documentation as well as the engine bays, checked for major corrosion or damage.

The car was then taken to be electrophoretically dipped in order to remove all paint and expose any corrosion.

The vehicle then returned from the dipping process, free from old paint, coated and treated and ready for the team to check over and highlight any imperfections. The shell was rubbed down and any highlighted corrosion removed, before being “seam sealed”, with previous measurements for re-application of sound deadening and sealant. The shell was then prepped ready for priming.

The shell is returned to Porsche Centre Bolton primed, painted and ready for the rebuild.

The front sub frame and bottom arm were first to be fitted. The bottom arm had been Bead Blasted and re-painted with a new ball joint and bushes fitted and the rear sub frame Bead Blasted, coated and refurbished. The whole of the front hub assembly was stripped down, Bead Blasted, then prime coated and painted. New bearings were fitted and the assembly rebuilt. The rear subframe was stripped and sent to Perfect Powder Coat of Bolton, it was Bead Blasted, powder coated and then rebuilt with new bearings and bushes fitted – the complete unit was adjusted and refitted back on the vehicle. The remaining components of the rear suspension were fitted and the gearbox mounted to the subframe allowing the team to fit new fuel lines along with the newly manufactured clips. Heat shields and sound deadening were then fitted to the engine bay along with new reflective heat resistant proofing. The Brake Master Cylinder and Brake Servo were then fitted. The engine was then rebuilt and installed along with Steering Rack and Lower Arms fitted, engine ancillaries fitted as well the Alternator and Intercooler.

The wiring loom was always going to be a challenge. It was painstaking work, checking every loom, connector, terminal and pin to ensure there were no cuts or loose connections. It then needed new taping and conduit fitting.

The engine was then fully installed in the bay and the refurbished wheels were re attached. Seeing the engine go back was a great milestone in the restoration.

After months of dedication and hard work, the finished product awaits its debut at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone.

Porsche Centre Wilmslow

Model: Porsche 924s Coupe  
Date of Registration: 20/10/1986
Transmission: Manual   
Colour: Black  
Trim Colour: Dark Blue Porsche Classic Cloth Trim
Registration Number: D857 GVG
Exterior Number of former keepers: 14

The vehicle was bought into the workshop for a full inspection and assessment. The Porsche 924S was purchased needing a full body and mechanical overhaul.

The vehicle shell was prepared to be sent to Road and Race Restorations with the separation of the major mechanical components begins at the centre. Once the shell was stripped the full scale of the project was obvious.

The 924s was then transported to Road and Race Restorations where the bodywork had a complete overhaul and any damage rectified. Following this the body was primed and painted to the original colour of the car. After its full body restoration the team then had the task of rebuilding the car ready for end of July.

The rear axle was installed along with the reconditioned suspension and brakes before the rebuilt engine was fixed back into the engine bay. The engine had not run for 12 months since the projet began.

Rebuild complete, the finishing trims are put onto the 924s ahead of the car being loaded onto our transporter heading to Silverstone Classic where it will be exhibited for the Porsche GB Restoration Project 2016.

The Porsche 924s restoration project is complete and the car looks fabulous!

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