QUIZ: Classic Car Security Stickers

12th Jul 2019

Security and alarm stickers aren't really a thing anymore. Perhaps this is because thieves expect there to be an alarm or security system these days, or by not putting an alarm sticker on any car, maybe car manufacturers are managing to not advertise to potential thieves which cars don't have any security system fitted.

Back in the good old days of the 1980s and '90s however, alarm systems were all the rage and manufacturers proudly displayed warning stickers on their windows of their cars, sometimes from well-known aftermarket security manufacturers.

Some were very distinctive indeed, which leads us to the quiz - can you guess these old school cars from their old school alarm stickers? Warning: this is not an easy quiz!


Well that wasn't easy, was it? How many did you guess correctly?

All these cars were spotted at Car Cafe, which is a free car meet in the UK for petrolheads.