Discover Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb

05th Oct 2019

Shelsley Walsh is an iconic motorsport venue, filled with a rich history of motor racing and competition.

It's a family-friendly venue with lots to see and do, especially when one of the many events are taking place throughout the summer. 

If you're thinking of visiting Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb, here's some of the first things you need to know. 


What is Shelsley Walsh?

Situated in a very leafy part of the Worcestershire countryside, Shelsley Walsh is (as its full name would suggest) a Hill Climb racing venue, and one of the most thrilling rounds on the British Hill Climb Racing Championship calendar.

The course is exactly 1,000 yards (914 metres) long and has not changed its layout since its inception in 1905 (save for the extra 8 yards added in 1907).

Over the years all kinds of fast, slow, weird and wonderful vehicles have made their way up the famous course, from vintage tractors to ultra-modern and technologically advanced racing cars, like the Jaguar I-TYPE 2. 

Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb

A Brief History of Shelsley Walsh

The first ever race at Shelsley Walsh took place in 1905, making it the oldest motorsport venue in the world that's still staged on its original course.

That particular race was won by Ernest Instone, who was one of the original founders of Stratstone Limited. To win the hill climb event, he used his Daimler 35 hp, recording a time of 77.6 seconds. Nowadays, times under 25 seconds are regularly seen, achieved by specialist hill climb racing cars and drivers. 

Stirling Moss was due to make his competition debut in 1947 at Shelsley, but he would have to wait until 1948 for an event, which he won. 

The course is operated by the Midland Automobile Club, and all events at Shelsley are organised by - or through - them.

Shelsley Walsh History

Who holds the Shelsley Walsh Record?

Martin Groves holds the all-time outright Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb course record, achieving a time of 22.58 seconds in August 2008 in a Gould GR55 NME. This was 0.13 seconds faster than the previous record, also set by Groves two months earlier. 

The Closed Car record was set in 2007 by Mike Endean in a Puma Gould, with its 2180cc turbocharged engine powering him to a time of 28.06 seconds. 

The record for an electric car was broken by Mitch Evans in 2018, achieving a time of 30.46 seconds in his Jaguar I-TYPE 2 Formula E racing car in slippery conditions. 

Shelsley Walsh Championship

Classic Nostalgia

Classic Nostalgia is Shelsley Walsh's flagship classic car event, with thousands of attendees attending each year. 

There's hundreds of different classic and vintage cars not only on display, but speeding up the hill climb course too, with crowds able to enjoy the sights and sounds of these fantastic older cars. 

In recent years themes have included historic Formula 1 and a celebration of the Italian Job film with replica Mini Coopers and a Polizia Alfa Romeo.

There's also demonstration runs, parades, live music, entertainment, food and shopping stalls too, meaning there's something for everyone. It's a really family-friendly event and one of the most welcoming venues in England. 

Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia

Other Events

Shelsley Walsh plays host to the British Hill Climb Championship, who hold two Summer events at Shelsley every year. These meets are where the fastest hill climb cars in the country 'fly' up the hill at almost 150 mph in a thrilling competition format. 

Classic car enthusiasts have always got something to look forward to at Shelsley Walsh, with many Breakfast Club events throughout the summer, which are open to all whether you're a member of the Midland Automobile Club or not. 

Two rounds of the Sunrise Sprint Championship are held at Shelsley Walsh each year too. 

Shelsley Walsh Events

Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb is a hugely popular motorsport venue, and rightly takes its place in motor racing history as the oldest race track in the world that's still in its original form. 

To find out more about Shelsley or get in touch with the team, visit the Shelsley Walsh website