5 Superb Cars You May Have Missed at Supercar Fest

23rd Jul 2019

Red Supercar on grass

The first ever Supercar Fest at Shelsley Walsh was awash with all of the supercar greatest hits, from Lamborghini Gallardos, Diablos and Murcielagos to a Ferrari 575M Superamerica, F430 and even an F40.

If you managed to have a good look around every single amazing car that was on show, you did very well - there were several hundred supercars in attendance.

You probably saw all the obvious ones, but what about some of the more understated, or ones that were in the car park instead of the supercar paddock? Here's five superb supercars you may have missed from 2019's Supercar Fest.

1961 Aston Martin DB4

The car park of Supercar Fest was the temporary home of many rare and special cars, and this was one of the most special of them all.

215 HYK was an absolutely immaculate example of a possibly underrated and undervalued entry into Aston Martin's glorious back catalogue of vehicles. It was totally restored a few years ago with excellent attention to detail, and it's clearly the pride and joy of the current owner.

Parked next to a previous-generation V8 Vantage, it's easy to see the design heritage of Aston Martin will remain wonderfully timeless.

blue aston martin db4

1998 Ascari Ecosse

One of just 17 examples ever made, the Ecosse may have gone unnoticed because of its fairly plain-looking front end, but the supercar profile is definitely there and the rear end is pretty crazy too.

If you did miss it, you certainly missed a treat - it may well have been the outright rarest and lowest-production supercar at Supercar Fest 2019.

This was a 4.7-litre car (earlier models had a 4.4-litre BMW-derived V8) producing 400bhp, and was one of the cars clearing its throat during the early morning runs up the hill, so if you did miss seeing it, you will have definitely have heard it at some point.

blue ascari ecosse

2014 Ultima GTR

While it was hard to miss the excellent Gulf colours it may not be obvious at first glance how special the Ultima GTR really is. However, as a proudly and conspicuously placed magazine proclaimed, the GTR was once the fastest supercar in the world.

This is because of its almost ridiculous power to weight ratio, which is courtesy of a 6.3-litre V8 and a kerb weight under 1000kg.

It's a hardcore antidote to increasingly tech-laden and feature-packed supercars that are getting heavier and (some would say thankfully) much easier to just jump in and drive. Safe to say the Ultima GTR isn't one of those cars - it requires skill and experience in handling serious performance cars to really get the best out of it.

light blue ultima gtr

2018 Honda NSX

As enthusiasts would have expected, there were plenty of first generation NSX examples on show in the supercar paddock as well as the display area of the car park, and one even made a few demo runs up the famous old hill, but it was the newer version that we've chosen to highlight here, as you might have missed it.

Initially it was on display in the Stratstone VIP enclosure, and it certainly didn't look out of place next to a Ferrari 458 and two Lamborghini Huracans, which is high praise indeed.

It takes a brave soul to shun the plethora of available exotic cars at over £140,000, but the owner of this red 2018 NSX decided that Honda was the way to go.

red honda nsx

1997 Jaguar XJ220

Strangely, the XJ220 is a car that has a design that was clearly way ahead of its time when it was launched, but now looks dated in the modern era. It's a difficult trick to pull off, but somehow Jaguar managed it here.

That's not to say the XJ220 doesn't look fantastic in the flesh, and it's an incredibly rare sight on the roads and even at supercar shows like this one, and although 1,500 deposits were placed after it was announced, only 275 were ever built.

This example appeared to be in perfect working order, with a twin-turbo V6 singing away in the paddock as the driver fought to manoeuvre it through the crowds - the XJ220 doesn't even have power steering!

grey jaguar xj220

The first Supercar Fest at Shelsley Walsh was definitely enjoyable, with a tremendous amount of amazing supercars on show, and it was a treat to be able to watch and listen to some of the best cars ever made power their way up the hill in (relative) anger.

Amongst the crowds of people and many, many supercars on show, it was easy to miss a few. What were your favourite cars of the event? Let us know on Twitter @Stratstoneuk or share your pictures with us on Instagram @Stratstoneuk.