What Is It Like to Buy a Brand-New Ferrari?

22nd Sep 2017

Customise your own Ferrari

Ferrari is arguably the most recognised name in automotive history, with the prancing horse motif an icon in itself. A Ferrari is a dream car for many, and with a much-celebrated history in racing, as well as creating iconic supercars such as the F40, 355 and Enzo, it's easy to see why.

If you ever find yourself in a position to be able to buy your very own Ferrari, where do you start? In some cases, you would actually have to be invited by Ferrari to buy one, such as the state-of-the-art LaFerrari. This is due to the nature of certain new models which have in the past, commanded a substantial premium shortly after launch, due to the limited number of models built and to stop those buying cars just to sell on for a profit.

Buying a new car of any kind, is of course, a great experience. It's all shiny and new, there's no history to worry about and it is to your exact requirements; or is it? With a mainstream new car, there is only a certain amount of options you can select. This is not the case with a Ferrari. The bespoke nature of this type of car is just the beginning. The amount of personalisation is endless and it can take a considerable amount of time just to get the spec just right, over many months, or in some cases, years.

Outside Stratstone Ferrari Wilmslow.

At the Ferrari dealer

In our Ferrari Wilmslow showroom, we have a dedicated room reserved solely for deciding the specification on a new Ferrari. Known as the Atelier, and modelled on the one at the factory in Maranello, it is full with different material choices, colours and specific options, such as wheel design, brake selection - the list goes on. Will your new Ferrari be in Rosso Dino, Rosso Scuderia or even Giallo Modena? As headaches go, it's quite a nice one to have. This special room also has an interactive Ferrari configurator so you can make your own Ferrari unique.

Recently, our team at Ferrari Wilmslow welcomed automotive lifestyle vlogger Mr JWW, to start the process of choosing the spec on his personal Ferrari 812 Superfast. His video shows insight to just what it is like to have the opportunity to customise a brand-new Ferrari, and also shows it's by far not a simple or quick process, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Stratstone Ferrari customisation room.
Inside the Ferrari customisation room.

Travelling to Italy

With the nature of this type of automotive purchase, there is always the opportunity to make the whole experience a truly magical one, and to delight the avid lover of the prancing horse. That's why, when purchasing a brand-new Ferrari, there is the opportunity for Ferrari owners to take the trip to Italy, the home of Ferrari and actually spec the car at the factory. Surrounded by all the heritage and of course, getting the authentic treatment of actually going to the birthplace of your new Ferrari supercar, an experience which is sure to be the perfect way to customise and take delivery of your very own Ferrari.

Of course, there is also the online configurator on the Ferrari website which we can all use to get an idea of how you just might spec one if the opportunity ever arose. However, to actually visit the showroom or factory will have all the welcoming expertise and guidance of those lucky enough to work with this iconic marque, day in day out, who's knowledge and direction will ensure that come delivery, your brand-new Ferrari will be nothing short of perfection.

Stratstone Ferrari lounge.

Taking delivery

No matter which option is taken, both will undoubtedly be ultra-special when the time finally comes to taking delivery of a brand-new Ferrari. With a car like this, sometimes it can be many months, even years before you actually are handed the keys. The bespoke nature and unbelievable craftsmanship mean these cars take time to build, to ensure ultimate perfection.

When the day finally arrives, collecting a new Ferrari from the dealership or from Italy is a special experience and before taking delivery, a demo of the vehicle is always shown to the new owner to ensure they get the most from their brand-new supercar.